December Newsletter

Welcome to the last organizing newsletter of 2015! We hope you and your family have had a good year and that these messages have been helpful.  Our focus this month is all things kitchen along with part dux of holiday decor and wrapping.

Kitchen Organizing Pro Tips

Oh kitchens, you do so much for us!

With simple systems all the cooking, entertaining, eating, and cleaning flow better and are more manageable. How are your systems working? For example, when you bake a batch of holiday cookies, will you be able to easily pull together the recipe and all ingredients and supplies? Good ol’ Martha Stewart has put together a great, succinct article on the secrets of a hard working kitchen.

If it is time to update some systems, break it down into one zone or project at a time. Even taking 10-15 minutes a day to clear out and containerize one drawer/cabinet/shelf will make a difference. If it’s too overwhelming or you just don’t have the time, let us help!

Speaking of containers, here are a few of my favorites for inspiration. There are a lot of choices with a big price range out there. I have even found some great bins at the dollar store! All these can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond (along with any other gizmo you can think up)!

Kitchen Organizing

Lipper Intl. Bamboo divider, Oxo rectangular container, Scrap Happy Compost Bin

Decor & gift wrap – I touched on this last month, but it’s a big topic. I discussed what to keep, how to decide and how to set up a gift wrap area. When you have pared down your decorations to keep the ones you love and enjoy, make sure you store them safely. I found a great SHORT picture-filled list from Apartment Therapy of easy Christmas-oriented storage tips. Also, check out & follow our Pinterest board of Organizing Tips!

The last tip is on gifts rather than wrapping. Having a small box of gifts can relieve the pressure of last minute shopping. Simple items for hostess gifts such as lotion, candles, wine, chocolate are easy and store for a while (remember-gift chocolate is different than emergency chocolate 🙂 ). Craft sales are great for these items. Watch out for bargain shopping! Hold yourself to one small area or container for gifts so you don’t forget what you have or it can turn to baggage instead of bargains.

Organizer to the Rescue

This is a repeat as it is all still relevant! Here are some services we can assist you with this holiday season.  Remember, a free estimate is only a call or e-mail away!

  • Organize high-traffic rooms
  • Rearrange furniture for socializing
  • Stock and organize the kitchen for holiday cooking/baking
  • Prepare guest rooms
  • Clear space in entryway closet for guests’ coats
  • Assist with putting up lights and decorations
  • Prepare garage and entry way for snow gear

Before & Afters

This kitchen storage area was in a smaller condo’s front closet. I placed the heaviest items on the middle shelving, all cookbooks together, and moved tupperware all together elsewhere.

Kitchen Organizing

This was another kitchen storage area in the same condo. I moved all pots/pans to the middle shelving and lesser used appliances to the lowest shelf. Keep your back happy with less bending and lifting.

Kitchen Organizing

Enjoy the month and remember to breath deeply!  If there is something else you’d like us to touch on, we are open to suggestions.

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