Meet Molly Rosa, N&C’s Personal Organizer

Molly first started working for Nook & Cranny back in 2003 when Rhoda and her business partner lured her in with their laughs while also working at Gigi’s Café. She spent a few years traveling nationwide working at Summer Camps, an Environmental Education center and Keep reading…

Why Hire a Personal Organizer?

Good question! Maybe you scream every time you open the Tupperware drawer. Maybe you sit down at your desk and can’t see the desktop. Maybe you don’t invite guests over because the spare room is filled with, who can really say!

Most people feel guilty and that they should be able to clear up these messes on their own (especially here in the Midwest). With enough time and absence of distractions, a capable adult certainly could. However, modern life is increasingly short on time and full of distractions.

Beyond clearing out clutter and finding a home for things, a personal organizer can:
• Offer suggestions for rearranging or repurposing a room/space
• Purchase or suggest products/furniture that can aid in functionality
• Create an organization plan of action for you to follow
• Suggest or work with you to create new helpful habits

I’ve had one client compare me to a personal trainer. Another said that I gave her courage. I do make you face your mess but my clients are always thankful for it. How could your life benefit from more order? Less stress, money saved (I found a $50 bill in a box once), and more time to be proactive instead of reactive.

Why wait?

Have your own Holiday Lifestyle Assistant

Many situations arise in our day to day life when something logistical can get in the way of social or more important activities.

When you find that time is in collision with your needs, let a Lifestyle Assistant come to your rescue. A Lifestyle Assistant will make the impossible, possible.

Nook & Cranny Concierge offers a menu of services that will fully integrate into your lifestyle. We offer professional house cleaning, personal shopping, house sitting, errand running, organizing, event concierge and overall home management.

Imagine a stress free holiday season.

A Lifestyle Assistant will help you check off your holiday to do list: Your address book has been updated, your home is warmly decorated, your gift list has been shopped and wrapped and shipped.  Those unused guest rooms have been cleaned, clutter has been cleared throughout the house, the front hall closet is ready to receive coats and boots with extra room for more!  You won’t be unprepared when the party goes into the 11th hour. The wine and  hors d’oeuvres have been fully stocked to account for the unannounced guest… Surprise!  The kitchen is easy to clean since your Lifestyle Assistant organized the cabinets and fridge.  And for the finishing touch, you have the proper tips tucked in holiday cards for your service persons.

Discover Nook & Cranny Lifestyle Assistants, Discover a more Merrier You!

TwinCities Business Review of Nook & Cranny

Rhoda Mehl and Ashleigh Smerick are achieving impressive growth with Nook & Cranny.
Rhoda Mehl, co-owner of the growing personal-services business Nook & Cranny, trained as an actress and a mime. She studied mime seriously for years, including a summer with Marcel Marceau. She can depict just about anyone. But the role she is most practiced at is, as she puts it, a wife for hire. Keep reading…