May 2016 Newsletter

April showers bring May flowers, right? What an explosive spring we have had already! Here’s hoping you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy. Read on for window cleaning tips, laundry room organization, recycling/composting in honor of earth day, and Mother’s day inspiration.

Clean Living


Spring and fall are great times to clean your windows. Being able to see clearly is actually a nice thing! I remember the first time I put on my glasses I realized what I had become used to. This can also be the case with windows.

Nook & Cranny can help with interior window cleaning and sills but if you are looking for the full treatment, we recommend A Brighter View I talked to Jesse, the owner and he is offering a 15% discount for new customers we refer so just mention that upon contacting them.

For the DIY’ers out there, it takes a bit of time but manageable if you have helpers, some great tunes and dedicate an afternoon to it. There are many methods out there. Here is an easy one using just soap in a bucket, squeegee, and magic erasers for the screens.
Read this article for more tips and enjoy the view!

Organized Living

Stack of Clothes

The laundry room or area is a hard working space. What happens when you have a back up or with the change in seasons? It gets a little crazy and that tension spreads quickly into daily life. Having a laundry system in place, some extra room or dedicated space for the inevitable back up and clear places for items will bring some needed zen! As Regina Leeds, author of <u>One Year to an Organized Life</u> points out, &quot;In many cases, the problem isn’t the laundry itself; the problems are folding the items and putting them away.&quot; Coming up with a game plan of who/when/where is the reinforcing habit of any long-lasting organization. If you can share the task, add music/TV, and break it down into manageable pieces, it won’t seem so overwhelming.

To create a system that flows, it’s key to have laundry sorters. I recommend labeled baskets or cloth-sided rolling bins like these. Anything that is durable, portable, and will easily stay open.

Keep a small separate bin for items that need pre-treatment and keep those supplies right next to it in a separate container/cabinet/drawer. Take a look at how many products you have too. I’ve been in many homes with at least 4, half-full containers. That takes up a lot of space! Consolidate, use what you have or be realistic and dump out the soap and recycle the container. It’s better you clear up space than keep a product you didn’t like that much. For more tips, this busy mom has some great ones.


Earth Day was April 22nd. In honor of that I want to share a few items of impact that I learned upon completing the Master Recycler/Composter program in Hennepin County. Much has happened in the last three years and change will come again next year as Minneapolis bans plastic bags.


One of the biggest changes recently has been the change to single sort recycling. It makes recycling a piece of cake! This also increased the amounts of material collected. From that change in 2013, Hennepin county collected 10,000 tons more recycling that year. That was a big bump but at the current 50% recycling, there is still a ways to go to meet the 75% goal in 2030. This recycling goal includes organic recycling as well.

In 2015, the county ordered Minneapolis to start its organic recycling program. Minneapolis will report back and help recommend a schedule for the rest of the coutny. Wayzata was actually the first city to collect organic recycling and Saint Louis Park has a great promotion that offers compost back to its residents! There are many ways to approach organics and because it is new, there will be many changes in the next few years.

Lastly, I want to share this great resource with you on how to dispose of everything! There are a lot of heavy metals (batteries) and hazardous chemicals (drain-o) out there that leach into the soil and contaminate the food we eat and water we drink. So it’s annoying but actually important to say, rip those little batteries out of audible greeting cards. Here are links for Hennepin and Ramsey County:
Hennepin Green Disposal Guide
Ramsey Green Disposal Guide
Cheers to a greener 2016!


Stack of Burgers

Mother’s day is May 8th this year so it’s coming up quick! How will you celebrate? I know one thing that every mom loves; a little extra help around the house! Consider a gift certificate for cleaning/organizing/lifestyle assistance help from us. I also came across this fun gift idea on Pinterest for decorations, how about this awesome blooming monogram? However you celebrate, I hope it’s special. And high fives to all you hard working Mamas out there!

As always, Nook & Cranny is only a message away for cleaning, organizing, assistance, or event management help! We’re here to lift the weight of your shoulders!

Have a great month and as always, remember to call Nook & Cranny to come to the rescue!

Molly Rosa, Home Organizer
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