June 2016 Newsletter

Summer is here, summer is here, summer is here!!! It’s what we live for in the frosty north, right? Read on for upholstery cleaning tips, travel organization, grocery and meal planning, and throwing a great summer soiree!


Clean Living


Couches, chairs, tables, ottomans, dressers, they do a lot for us. Whatever the material, it will need maintenance and cleaning from time to time. Most new furniture comes with a how-to or recommended cleaning products. Older ones may take more research. Some common materials like leather and wood need oil on a somewhat regular basis. Here are a few handy pinterest links for reference including one that you could almost pour on your salad! We like the natural cleaning products. Nook & Cranny can help with some of the regular maintenance like wiping down leather furniture (we generally dry dust) and vacuuming upholstery. If you aren’t sure we do this at your home, just ask!

Upholstery: Clean Upholstered Furniture Like a Pro
Multi-purpose furniture dressing: Wonder Dressing (Natural Furniture Cleaner and Polish


Organized Living


How organized are you when it comes to travel? Regardless of whether you can’t find your luggare or how many bags with-in bags you have, much of travel organization comes down to planning. I’ll be honest, I struggle in this arena. I rebel against lists. What’s your biggest challenge? Here is a great pin with 5 sorts of travel planning sites. Top 5 Travel Planning Websites Breaking down logistics into manageable pieces is key to having a successful trip. The who, what, when, and where can make you dizzy so here’s hoping these offer some relief!

Having the right gear, the baby bear kind (not too much, not too little, just right) can also be tricky. Consider the weather, activities, legnth, washability, multitask ability (leatherman), cost to purchase versus bring, and mode of travel (backpack vs. rolling duffle). I can help you rediscover all that you have to choose from if you need some help! Here are two pins that help with sorting the little things you may forget! The Best Life Organization Tips & Hacks carry-on pack What’s in my carry-on Bon Voyage!




Raise you hand if you like grocery shopping and meal planning! Yeah, I didn’t think so. Did you know that with your list, Nook & Cranny can do the shopping for you? There are great meal planning websites and apps popping up all over that will generate a shopping list. Meal planning saves time, money, piece of mind and is generally a healthier choice. Here are a few options: plantoeat.com/, http://emeals.com/,
Lifehacker’s five best meal planning apps
If you are in love with paper and tradition, here is a well-sorted printable list. An Organized Grocery List and FREE PRINTABLES
Another approach is the multi-freezer meal prepaganza. I’ve not tried it on this level but here’s a pin with loads of easy looking tasty meals. 17 Free Printable Freezer Meals and Grocery Lists Bon Appetite! (I’m on a French kick)




I just went to my first BBQ deck party last weekend and it was heavenly being outside with good company. Your summer soiree doesn’t have to be anything fancy (unless you want it to be.) Adding some fresh cut flowers to the table, a yard game, and background music go a long way. Here are some other fun ideas to spice up your party Say Goodbye To Boring Barbecues With 25 Creative Summer Party Hacks
For some summer recipes, look no further. These are easy and look really tasty! Summer Entertaining Recipes
If you need extra help on-hand for your event, Nook & Cranny can help! Give us a call for a quote.

Have a fabulous month and Sante’ (cheers),

Molly Rosa, Home Organizer

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