July 2016 Newsletter

I’ve talked to a number of people say that around summer solstice there is a shift and relaxation kicks in. I felt it and I hope you have too! Kick your feet back and read on for shoe care, cleaning and organizing, tips on event planning, and Independence Day inspiration.

Clean Living

Shoe Cleaning

I have to admit that my family does not have very clean shoes. It’s an easy thing to overlook but with proper care you will extend the life of your shoes saving you money and time (unless you just looooove shoe shopping.) Summer is a great time to clean shoes as you are probably in sandal-land most of the time leaving your other shoes available to sit around between wash/dry/repair times. It’s not surprising that most shoes can be cleaned with a little dish soap, baking soda, and/or vinegar. These products are the backbones of Nook & Cranny cleaning and go a long way! An old toothbrush, magic eraser, lingerie bag or similar, leather waterproofer, saddle soap, and suede brush are the other major “tools” for your shoe cleaning toolkit.
For details on how to clean specific shoes, read no further than this post
It is written from a woman’s fashion perspective but is applicable to all!

Organized Living

Shoe Cabinet

How well does your shoe collection fit available storage space? Do shoes end up crumpled, squished, or lost? If so, it’s time for an update. First things first, go on a shoe hunt! Round up all shoes, everywhere! Sort them out, find the mates and then have a good look at the state of them. Decide what your criteria is for keeping and getting rid of them. Do youself a favor and push to make those annoying decisions like “is it worth keeping these shoes that need to be sent in to a repair shop and will I do it?” There’s no point in taking up space with shoes you won’t wear anymore or that you feel guilty for buying, etc. etc. Most clothing consignment shops take shoes as well. For shoes you do want but need care, give yourself a deadline and schedule time. It sounds silly but it proabably won’t get done otherwise!

I recommend a weekly round-up of all shoes to put them back where they belong. If you have enough and easy storage, this will take just a few minutes. Most people’s homes that I have been to keep a small amount near the high traffic entrance and the rest in their room. Entry storage should be extremely simple with large, easy to place slots/shelves/cubby’s. Depending on space and shoe type, bedroom closet storage can be more compact. I’ve seen a big range of effective storage from individual plastic containters to back of the door hangers. Clear containers or open shelves are the easiest way to make sure you don’t forget about any. The key is to have enough space for them, be able to access and to know what and where they are. That’s actually the same for any organization system! Having space, accessability, and awareness of your stuff gives you the control, not your stuff!

Have a look here to brainstorm ideas on specific types of storage:



This month’s lifestyle section is about planning events. If you feel anxious or dislike hosting an event at your house, what does it stem from? I personally do get anxious because I have a hard time putting a timeline together. Once I nailed that down and started taking my mother’s advice (sigh, she was right again) to make lists, I’ve been able to create that timeline more smoothly in my head. I like to think of an event (could be a birthday party, dinner, even leaving for a trip) as a delicious cinnamon bun. You start on the outer ring with the who / what / where / when / how. The consecutive rings inwards get more specific with each of those questions. The who can be invitations or thinking of special accomodations for event participants (ex. you have food allergies to keep in mind). The what may have a few sub-rings as your event may have a lot of parts to it (ex. a birthday party has food, entertainment, presents, music, etc.). The where focuses on what needs to happen in the home in order for the event to occur. For example, if you are leaving for vacation (yes I think that’s an event as there are lots of things to plan) you need light timers, to hold mail, to regulate thermostat, etc. The when can help you come up with a timeline for all these pieces to fall into place. Once you have those questions answered, you’ll know what you need and can divide it into managable pieces according to how much time you have. This is the how! Man, it sounds so simple writing it out but of couse is more complicated in real life. Allow for some extra time because you know there will be hiccups (still working on this one)! Darn reality. Oh, and the ooey gooey center is delicious and enjoyable!



If you are hosting a Forth of July gathering or any event, here’s hoping the cinnamon bun analogy works for you. An event planning spot I tend to get stuck on is the whats! When it comes to Independence Day, it could be what fireworks show, what decorations, what crafts, what menu. Enter Pinterest! Of course there are at least 8 gazillion options and it’s overwhelming but it’s always a great start to get the what wheels rolling. Here are some fun pins all about Independence Day:

As ever, Nook & Cranny is here to help. Call today for a complimentary organizing consultation or to have us help plan or execute your events.
Have a great July!

Molly Rosa, Home Organizer

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