January 2016 Newsletter

Hello 2016! We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season; had a chance to relax and reflect. This month’s focus is on flexing your organizing muscles and mail (both snail and e-mail).

Organizing Pro Tips

Top New Year resolutions

Is organizing one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Gym memberships soar in January as people embark on a common new year’s resolution. What about exercising your organizing muscles? Organizing can feel like a really tough workout at first, but just like exercise, it gets easier and even enjoyable. It’s a simple practice involving sorting, finding homes for items you will keep, but the trick is creating new habits to sustain your efforts.

Here are some tips for creating lasting habits

Setting an achievable goal is the first step.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew, right? This month, try picking one new habit that supports a more organized lifestyle. It takes 21 consecutive days to create a new habit so we’ll check in next month. For example, I started getting our coffee systems ready at night. This makes morning so much more approachable.

Dr. Henry Emmons, a local psychiatrist and renown author, has described thought patterns as paths through the mind. Check out his work here The more we travel the path, the deeper the rut. Well our actions, our habits, reflect those thoughts. If we change our actions and habits, we can change our thoughts. I used to consider myself a sloppy person (ask my mom, she’ll agree), not making my bed, leaving clothes around and dirty dishes in the kitchen. Instead of believing that’s just the way I am, I realized I didn’t want to be that way, created new habits, and today people pay me to organize! Those new actions and habits help to reinforce the thoughts that I am not a sloppy person and that I have choices. It’s pretty empowering stuff! Here’s a a great supporting article

Is there a thought about who you are that you can change by creating new organizing habits? If you struggle with paper or paying bills on time, imagine yourself being in charge of the chaos, then ask yourself what is one thing you can do differently this month to steer you to the right direction.

Mail Tips — help in the paper department


So mail. We all get it and most of it is JUNK! Sigh. For snail mail, I recommend to immediately sort mail when you bring it inside. Recycle the junk, open the mail you need, and put it in the next place (inbox, partner’s inbox, bulletin board.) Take it a step further and combat the junk mail by using a free service like Catalog Choice. They search a company you want to stop receiving mail from and guide you through stopping it. Give yourself a timeline for keeping catalogs, and schedule time to address incoming mail. Here’s an easy visual for more assistance

E-mail is trickier depending on your account and the security options on your device. Providers like gmail have helpful tabs to separate out promotions from other messages. Unroll.Me is the easiest tool I have seen to quickly unscubscribe. For more personalized options, adjusting security levels and different accounts, read this article.


Organizer to the Rescue

If you didn’t have time before the holidays to get your decorations sorted and are tempted to just shove it back into the abyss from which it came, consider hiring Nook & Cranny to help.  We can do great work in a few hours time!  Call us: (612)823-2018 or email us with questions or for a free estimate.


Before & Afters

This office needed some mail help and a bit more!  After three hours, we whipped it into shape.  Moving furniture can really help transform your space and give it new life.


Make 2016 a great year with more order in your life! You can do it and we can help! If there is something else you’d like us to touch on, we are open to suggestions.

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